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LegoLingo was a collection of mostly derogatory phrases under the guise of 'cadet slang' used by ADFA Cadets in the late 1980's

Lawyers found the LEGOLINGO guide to "cadets' language" on the Australian Defence Force Academy Graduates’ Association website during their investigation into Allegations of Sexual and Other Abuse in Defence.

DLA Piper, the lawyers who carried out the investigation, said the "racist and misogynist" statements in the document were very difficult to reconcile with claims that female cadets were treated with respect.

The LEGOLINGO guide was created in the 1980s but was available to ADFA Graduates' Association members as DLA Piper were carrying out the review.

The preface arrogantly states

What follows is examples of the 'immature', 'hurtful', 'arrogant', 'disrespectful', 'misogynist', 'racist' phrases which have contributed to the molding the minds and shaping the attitudes of our future leaders.

'Indoctrinating' cadet officers with this definition of BASTARDISATION, explains the attitude to Abuse in the ADF!!!

And the abusive descriptions go on and on....

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This is the consequences when BASTARDISATION goes to far...


Victim tried to take own life after 'bishing' ritual

Ms X was sexually harassed during her first year at ADFA in 1996, and on her 18th birthday was tied down by a group of fellow officers, doused with food and water and thrown in a wheelie bin – a ritual known as bishing.
Others have described receiving similar treatment at the academy.
Ms X then tried to take her own life.

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